“Every woman should have Megan by her side during childbirth!  My birth experience was enriched by her presence. For my husband and myself, it was a more comfortable, more peaceful, more fun, and shorter labor having her there to guide us.
Megan was a tremendous resource while prepping for our natural childbirth.  She went above and beyond in her doula duties and put any fears we had at rest.  She is nurturing, patient, and always gave practical advice before, during, and after labor.  We feel very blessed to have had her with us. Our birth experience was a positive one.
She is a very skilled coach. She uses visualizations, touch, massage, essential oils and soothing words of encouragement and direction. She kept me present and working towards meeting my baby even at my most intense moments.  My 12 hour labor could have been much longer had she not been there.  The nurses and midwife at the hospital were great but realistically cannot give you the kind of care and guidance you get from having a doula like Megan.  We cannot say enough how grateful we are to have had her by our side.” -Sierra

“I was about 30 weeks pregnant when I reached out to Kim. I had decided against having a Doula, as I felt I would be fine without this type of support. A mutual friend encouraged me to contact her. Even going into our first meeting I was fairly certain that we did not need the services of a Doula. All of that changed when we met Kim. Immediately her presence put us at ease in a way that we had not experienced during this pregnancy. By the time she left we had completely changed our minds. Looking back it was the best decision we made during the pregnancy. During our initial meetings, Kim provided us with information and support that gave us confidence and encouragement. Her approach empowered us and made us feel in control of the experience. During early labor Kim became my touchstone, checking in regularly with humor, love and wit. Her excitement was infectious. It was my choice to have Kim meet us at the hospital, as I wanted to do some hard laboring on my own at home. When we met at the hospital the sight of her made me relax with a flood of emotions. Through the next few hours she guided my partner in subtle ways on how to offer support and she became my team leader cheering me on through the toughest moments. She was truly our advocate. The support that Kim offered postpartum was probably the most valuable for me. As things became difficult with breastfeeding a few weeks after delivery, Kim became my confidant when I felt uncomfortable talking with anyone else. She offered again support and encouragement as well as valuable resources for lactation support. She literally saved me during my lowest moments. In the time of pregnancy, labor and postpartum, Kim has been a constant for our family.  So many things change throughout this process with people coming and going and floods of emotions and hormones raging. Kim will be a part of our families lives from here on out, and I hope that she would be an integral part of any future pregnancies.” – Maggie

“Megan attended the birth of our fourth child, as the doula for our 8 year old daughter, who wanted to witness the birth of her brother.  Megan kept our daughter engaged throughout the whole process.  There were times during my labor that could have seemed scary or overwhelming, even to an adult, but Megan was able to help our daughter feel comfortable and confident throughout.  She essentially helped my daughter become the second doula in the room!  Not only was Megan there for our daughter, but I felt her strong, capable presence there with me as well.  I could feel her strong belief in me and my ability to give birth to my baby, and it was so great to have that belief there with me.  She helped us give our daughter a very empowering and unique experience- one that I am sure that none of us will ever forget.  Our daughter now says she wants to be a doula or a midwife when she grows up!  We will all be forever grateful to Megan for her guidance through such a special time in our lives.” -Becca

“We had an unexpected preterm labor at 32 weeks.  I was a first time mom and had not taken any classes yet.  I would NOT have had the confidence or skills to deliver without Kim adapting to the surprise situation.  She was so flexible and supportive.  I couldn’t be happier.” -Tessa

“I was so lucky to have Megan as my doula, she is so knowledgeable about childbirth and postpartum, I felt like I could always turn to her for support.  When I first started looking for a doula, I knew it would have to be someone I was comfortable with who had a calming demeanor since I tend to get nervous and panic when faced with pain and trying situations.  I met Megan at Womb Song and I was so happy to hear that she was also a doula.  The meetings we had before my labor taught me and my husband so much about what to expect and prepared us for something that we were not completely ready for.  When my birthing day came, she was focused and calm.  She listened to me but also pushed me to eat, drink and walk to the beach, all of which I would have not done if she was not there.  It was the most intense thing I ever had to do but it was such a powerful day full of singing, laughing and love.  Looking back on it, I know it would not have been the same wonderful experience without Megan.  My husband and I are forever grateful for her support and we would recommend her to anyone again and again.” -Lauren

“The following is from the perspective of a dad who didn’t even know what a Doula is until his wife brought the idea forward…
When our baby boy came 7+ weeks early, with him came an overwhelming feeling of confusion and, to a lesser extent, fear. Having not had the chance to go over our official birth plan yet, nor to attend any birth classes, we were thrown right into the deep end. Kim became our life preserver and kept us afloat not only emotionally, but also physically. I was woefully unprepared for the labor process, and when my initial shock started to morph into paralysis, Kim was there to snap me out of it, advising me on how and where to best support my wife.
Our labor went fast but very smoothly, all things considered. I shudder when I imagine how we would have fared without Kim, but thankfully this is merely hypothetical. The reality is that Kim was very much there for us when we most needed her
Now we are left with a beautiful little boy and a healthy and happy Mama (if a little tired). Thanks for everything, Kim. You were amazing and we were so lucky to have you with us on one of the hardest but happiest days of our lives.” -Keith


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